Last month I travelled to *hipster capital of the world* Bondi Beach to photograph three wonderful families. One thing you may not know about me is I used to work in travel and was able to travel a lot as part of my job. It was ace and I definitely still have the good old travel bug. But I’d thought I had seen the end of that once I had children and decided to pursue photography. Thankfully I was wrong and photography (and friends!) brought me up to Sydney and will be taking me to Adelaide later in the year. And I am so excited!

Here is the Moon family. They are currently in the process of moving to Melbourne (yay!), so they brewed up the idea of capturing a snippet of what life looks like to them living the dream in Bondi. They met in Sydney, married in Sydney, had a baby in Sydney (& bought their cat in Sydney!), and now it’s time to close this chapter and begin a new one.

A note to families - winter is fast approaching (or well and truly here), and I am thankful to be booking more in-home sessions again! If you have hesitated in booking an in-home session – don’t! Let this be a reminder to you that you do not need a beautiful or magazine worthy home. You don’t need large windows, pouring light into every room. You don't need all the latest trendy indoor plants (note the dying plant in the corner!), or fancy schmancy artwork. All I need is a floor, or a bed, a small window, and you being you with your loved ones.




I love it when a family shows up and is able to be themselves, loving one another, leaving all the hard work (they made it easy!) to me. That’s when the magic happens. And this session was all magic. If it wasn’t for the sun going down over the glistening sea and the cool ocean breeze, we would have stayed for hours.

‘The photos are just magical - thank you!! It was freezing cold and windy - but you somehow managed to create some magic out of it!! I can’t stop looking at them. I’m so glad we booked our session in last minute.’     - Michelle




Over summer I had the pleasure of meeting Tom & Sindy, who flew all the way from Germany to elope on the wild back beaches of the Mornington Peninsula. I was so excited when they contacted me to photograph their special day, we spent the next few weeks getting to know one another via email and met for a cold cider and saganaki the day before their elopement.

Tom and Sindy have lived in Germany all their lives, but a few years ago, spent 6 months working on the Peninsula, where they fell in love with the beaches (who doesn’t?!) and the working holiday made clear their love for one another. As a result, they made the decision to fly back to Australia to make it all official.

I will forever remember the moment they said their vows to one another in German. While I could not understand a single word, I still managed shed a tear or two. Thank you Tom & Sindy for inviting me along, it was such a delight to have captured your day!

If you want to marry your love without all the fuss and the endless list of to do’s, take a look at Signed And Sealed - three incredible celebrants who have many years experience marrying couples all over Australia and far beyond. And you may recognise Shannon Jeans below!