When walking into the home of almost complete strangers, you never really know what to expect. The layout, the light, the colours. And what about the family, are they open-hearted, crazy, a bit of both?

Turns out this session had all the good things; beautiful light, an antique armchair, a loved-up family, and the perfect amount of crazy. The joy was palpable, and I felt at as soon as I walked through the door. With music playing and the winter sun gloriously shining through the window, I got a real feel of what a typical Saturday morning looks like for this family. The big boys, complete with Hot Wheels and fidget spinners, were full of beans and ready to show off their tricks with the ‘Love Sack’ (giant bean bag which swallows up about five bodies at a time). Mum was looking radiant and Dad absolutely smitten. But the star of the show was little Max, who totally stole my heart.

Lifestyle photography isn’t about just taking nice family photos. It’s about telling your story, capturing your connections, full of heart and honesty. The chaos, the mess and the love that holds it all together.

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home, words can’t describe how much I enjoyed this session.

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