I’d love to be able to call myself a destination family photographer, but the reality is that being a mum of two, and a wife to a man who works long hours, destination photography in most forms is hard to do. I’ve been on three trips interstate now, plus weekends away for work, and as much as I love it, it’s just hard. Not only the logistics of organising the kids, house, babysitters etc, but also spending all that time away from my people.

But, travel is also what makes my heart beat the hardest. Discovering new epic locations fills my cup more than anything, and I know how important it is to follow my dreams and do what I love.

This adventure-loving family took me all the way to the Otways. It was a long road-trip, but worth every minute for this beautiful, secluded waterfall. To say my cup was filled is an understatement. I was in my happy place, in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We found lizards, purple berries and dipped our toes under the cool, cascading water.

If you have a wild, crazy big idea for your family shoot, I’m your girl! I can’t do many destination shoots each year, so please get in touch early. I love capturing families in extraordinary locations. But what I love most is telling the story of their extraordinary love. And this family was no exception.