Can you feel it?

The shift in seasons is here - the mornings are lighter, the sun is warmer on your back, and the days are inching ever closer to 20 degrees (yessss!). It’s when we reach this point of the year my mind rushes straight to summer holidays. Long, lazy and barefoot, windswept hair and sandy toes. All those wonderful, slow family memories suddenly don’t seem so far away and I’m counting down the days ‘til we can bundle up our little tribe and hit the coast for the summer.

And that’s exactly what the gorgeous Casey family did during their family session with me earlier this year. And oh, was it a beauty! Samira is a fellow photographer from the other side of town (always such a joy and the biggest compliment to photograph my tog friends!), so she decided to make a weekend of our little shoot and pack up the whole fam + caravan for a coastal camping trip.

I LOVE when families do this. Your family session is about more than just a fresh set of golden photos (although I promise they are lovely!). It’s about carving out time to enjoy each other, to connect, to share. To laugh and love and listen freely, and to be yourselves - totally, wholeheartedly - in your own untouchable little bubble of bliss. It’s not just the photos, it’s the memories that go with them that make these sessions so special. And I love being able to share them with you.

Now I don’t want to alarm you, but I have only TWO Saturdays left for bookings until CHRISTMAS (!!!). And you all know it’ll be here before we know it, so if you’re keen for a weekend session with your lovely little fam before the end of the year, get in touch now!

Danielle x