I’ve just about lost count of how many newborn sessions I’ve done over the years - how many hungry cries I’ve heard, gummy smiles captured, new lives I’ve helped celebrate. And each time I’m struck with total and utter baby bliss (of course!!), memories of my own humble beginnings as a mama, and the realisation that every newborn session is a precious gift of time for not just the family I’m photographing, but for me as well. There is something magical about new life. It makes you stop, reflect, appreciate, admire, respect and learn in more ways than you knew possible.

Looking back on this lovely little family shoot with the Makaay’s and darling baby Hannah, I’m reminded of all the unique anxieties and anticipations of bringing home baby number two. There aren’t as many uncharted waters to navigate when second bubs comes along, but there are a whole bunch of new questions and possibilities that weren’t there the first time around (not to mention the fact you’re a different person by now too!) - how will this little person be different to my first? Will they get along? What kind of relationship will they have? Will I have enough love for them both? What kind of person will they become? How am I going to do this? Again?!

I LOVE my newborn sessions - everything they show me, everything they teach me, and everything they promise for the treasured lifetime that awaits. What a gift.

Danielle x