Salty air. Sun kissed cheeks. Linen dresses, beachy hair and loved up families all swaying and swirling and dancing in the summer breeze. These are the things that set my heart on fire and make my soul sing (in case you hadn’t already noticed!) so it’s no surprise I’ve got a real soft spot for this gorgeous family session with Kiera and her beautiful tribe.

It was the perfect celebration of all of my favourite things. Beautiful day, beautiful family, beautiful location. But most of all that extraordinarily intense and immeasurable connection between a mother and her child.

I must have seen it hundreds of times by now. Each time it’s completely unique, and yet completely the same. That spark, that fire, that profound love. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to real life magic, and it’s the greatest privilege to witness, and to photograph.

If you’re reading this and still wondering whether to book in a summer session with your family, consider this as permission to do it! You won’t regret preserving these golden days, I promise.

Danielle x