One dress. Nine photographers.

Here's a little project I worked on earlier this year, with a group of incredible photographers from all around Australia and New Zealand. Each photographer had one week with the Purity Lace Designs dress, to stretch their creativity and have a bit of fun along the way.

I knew I wanted to take the dress to the water and came up with some big ideas that didn’t work out. Thankfully the Mornington Peninsula has endless options of beautiful and wild beaches, so my back up options were pretty amazing. We went to two different locations, both were incredibly windy, which my wonderful friend, Tiffany took like a boss. I had such a blast shooting for me, exploring new places, trying new things and just having fun. It is a reminder for me to keep shooting for myself regularly and allow myself to stop, listen, pay attention to my surroundings and shoot how I’m feeling.

Sharing some of my favourites, along with one from each of the other photographers.



Image by Helen Whittle


Image by Julie Guertin


Image by Krystle Ricci


Image by Melissa Brown


Image by Olga Levien


Image by Peta Hood




In-home sessions have made a welcome return this winter. Warm, cozy, intimate, your home is where you have made endless memories with your loved ones, and photographs can be a way for you to remember these fleeting moments.

When Emma first contacted me she explained the reason for the session was to remember life as it is now. This is their first home, and will likely be moving as the family grows. She also wanted to capture the relationship between their son Archie and Louie their dog, as well as the simple love and joy that Archie has for everything at this time. Perfect.

I hope you feel as much love and joy from this family and their pooch as much as I did capturing it.




I had the pleasure of meeting Ron and Karen back in January, when they were still a family of three (including fur baby Harley, of course!). It was a peaceful evening down at one of my favourite locations on the Peninsula, with misty fog slowly rolling in from the ocean. The calm before the storm. We quickly made our way back to the car before the deluge hit, missing it by only minutes. It was perfect.

Then in May I was invited into their home to meet sweet little Clementine. This session was truly wonderful. You could FEEL the love. I can't express how thankful I am when my clients give me the opportunity to document their journey from pregnancy through to parenthood. It brings me so much joy!