One of my favourite things about photographing my gorgeous families is all the wonderful places it takes me. From beautiful family homes filled with heart, to sun swept shores and sandy beaches, I have the privilege of capturing the loveliest souls in even lovelier locations (all over Melbourne, and beyond, if I’m really lucky!).

This is the Farmer family, all loved up on their favourite beach on a glowy autumn night that felt so much like summer. What you might not have guessed from these golden images? The beach was absolutely PACKED, which meant we had to wander a little further afield to find this beautiful hidden gem - private, secluded and oh so stunning.

I regularly shoot on the Mornington Peninsula and know so many secret spots, but this was a completely new one for me! And I’m always open to try somewhere different, especially when it’s full of meaning for you and your family. It’s one of the things we’ll start chatting about as soon as you book your session with me, and we’ll work together to figure out the best spot to capture all of you in all your glory. This could be at home with cuddles and story time on the bed, or out in the open, jumping in muddy puddles and discovering new places. You might even have a specific place in mind, like the Farmer family, that means something really special to you. I’d be so honoured for you to take me there.

Don’t forget I’m now taking bookings for Summer, so get in touch with all your amazing location ideas here or by emailing me at

Danielle x




It may be only half way through winter, but my heart is already yearning for long summer days and warm summer nights.

I’m thinking about my favourite season for a few reasons…

…we recently returned from a snow trip to Falls Creek. So I’ve basically done my fair share of winter activities this season. Now I’m ready for this season to hurry up and move on.
…I’m desperately craving salads, ciders and late sunsets.
…my plants have pretty much stopped growing. Watching them grow brings so much joy, watching them do nothing seems like a total waste of time. I still get caught staring at them though.
…heating bills. Ugh.
…the gorgeous Worrall family, pictured here. I photographed this lovely lot by the beach last summer and their love for each other shone as brightly as the sun that day. Jess is also a fellow photographer and friend, and it’s always such an honour to be asked to document the family of someone so fabulously talented, crazy and fun.
 Love you Jess!
…I’m now taking bookings for this summer! I know it might seem early, but I promise you these summer sessions book out before you can say ‘don’t forget the sunscreen!’. It never surprises me though, there’s something so carefree and playful about a summer shoot. I absolutely adore them, and I can see you guys do too.

 I had quite a few lovely families this year that couldn’t get the dates they wanted, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re hoping to make some wonderfully sandy, wildly romantic summer memories with your family this year.

Danielle x




Preparing to welcome a new little human into the world, whether it’s your first or your fourth, is an absolutely golden time of life. There are so many milestones - 12 weeks, 20 weeks (and every week thereafter!) new nursery, new clothes (for you and babe), new bumps, lumps and bits to love, new sounds and new smells (not always good ones), and of course new little fingers, new little toes and a new little heart to love. It goes so fast and so slow all at once, which is why I LOVE to help you remember those blurry days/weeks/months for years to come.

I recently got to help my bestie document her journey from bump to baby and it was pure bliss. We did my Hello Baby Collection, which features a 45 minute maternity session starring you in all your glowing glory, followed by a 90 minute newborn session for when bubs joins us earthside. I LOVE this collection - the continuity of storytelling is so special to me, and something my beautiful couples and families really cherish.

Have you got a little bundle on the way? You can find out more about my Hello Baby Collection here. I’d love to help you preserve this golden time in your life.

Danielle x