Newborn Photographer Melbourne

There are two things we can never have enough of: time, and love.

It would be silly to say you have to be reminded of the love you have for your family. But sometimes, we need to be reminded about time, and how quickly it moves.

Photographs mark a moment in time. I want you to receive the photos I take of you and really ‘feel’ who your family is. I want you to look at them in the future and remember who they were at that precise moment in your lives. I want you to remember the tiny hands and the snuggles, the funny little face your toddler pulls, the smell of your baby’s head and that onesie that doesn’t fit anymore.

I’m Danielle, mum to Cruz and Milly and wife to one incredibly talented man who works in Film & TV. I am a coffee drinker, any-time-of-the-day breakfast eater and closet Star Wars fan. You can find me in the world's most liveable city - Melbourne, Australia, however I am willing to travel ANYWHERE. Travel is my second most favourite thing to please don't hesitate to invite me!

I LOVE that my job involves photographing you and your family – but more importantly I love that my job also includes talking, laughing and connecting with you while you connect with each other - this is where the sincerity in my work comes from. Posed photos are not my thing – I want you natural, I want you comfortable and I want your family being nothing other than what you already are – special, one-of-a-kind and connected.

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Danielle x

Image by Co Hodges

Image by Co Hodges