Photography Melbourne

Photographs in your own home? GREAT!
Want to get out in to the wide-open-somewhere? YAY!
Not sure yet?
You may not have used a photographer before and I want to make it as easy and as comfortable for you as possible – so never be afraid to ask me questions. Have a read below and let’s work together on the finer details together, or contact me here.

I’m keen to book…what do I do now?
Yay!!! I am so excited to meet you and get started!!! You can find out how to get in touch with me here.
Once we have knuckled down a date and time, you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire. I’d love to get to know YOU and YOUR FAMILY before our session, so I can tailor your experience in the best way possible. Please don’t hold back, I need to know all the details, right down to your kid's most ticklish spots. 
Your invoice will also be attached; payment of the deposit is required at the time of booking via PayPal or direct deposit.
There’s also a contract that needs to be read and accepted, just to clear up both of our expectations.
That’s it!!! All done.

How on earth do I choose a location?
There are sooooo many options to choose from, and the good news is, we can work together to figure out what the best location is for you and your family.  I LOVE capturing families in their home, as it always seems to be the place you feel most comfortable. Think of all the times you’ve snuggled with the kids on the bed to read a favourite book, I can capture those moments for you.  And all the times they’ve done backflips off the couch, I can get that too. We can play games, have a coffee, play fetch with your dog. Anything! Did I mention coffee?
And I also love adventuring with you outdoors; it’s super fun watching your kids discover new places, build sandcastles, collect bugs and jump in muddy puddles. I have so many outdoor locations to choose from, or if you have a special place in mind, I’d be up for that too!

What should we wear?
Such a good question! As soon as you've booked your session with me, I email you with all the outfit help you need. I will explain things like what colours and tones to look for and what textures and patterns to avoid. Any question you have I will happily answer, and you are welcome to send through photos of your ideas too! And the most important thing to me is that you feel and look like yourselves, so you can be as comfortable as possible during our session. 

What should we expect during our session?
First of all, I’ll spend some time getting to know your kids.  So please don’t be offended if I walk through the door and say hi to them first. It’s super important they get to know me, and become comfortable around me. If we are doing an in-home session, I’ll need someone to give me a tour through your home (usually the kids!), so I can work out the best areas to shoot in. If we’re outdoors, we start exploring straightaway! I will gently guide you, but I try to avoid posing as much as possible. Sometimes it might just be to move to a particular area of light, or placing a hand on someone’s cheek. Super easy. That’s it! Of course, if we are working around newborns or toddlers (or grumpy teenagers), I don’t mind staying the extra 20-30mins to ensure we get everything we need.
Booking a newborn session? The best age to book is when bubs is no older than ten days; around one week old is ideal. Book your session when you think your baby will be most settled. But don’t worry if we need extra time; I’ll happily wait to get everything we need (and more baby cuddles!). I’m also up-to-date with my immunisations and Working with Children Check.

What happens after our session?
Shortly after the session I send you a small sneak peek, and then email you a link to your online gallery two weeks after the session. This is where you select your included images, and can purchase products through your online store. At this stage, if you haven’t already done so, you can also choose to upgrade your package. 

Can we order print products through you?
To make it easy for you, when you receive your online gallery you also gain access to your own personalised online store, where you can purchase a wide range of products including matte & fine art prints, framed prints, canvases and albums. All prints and products are produced by the most experienced and professional photo lab in the country and are of the BEST quality. Custom orders are also available upon request.

I want to book an in-home session, how do I prepare my home?
Please, please, please don’t stress over this! Your house doesn’t need to be “perfect”. Clear the clutter, but keep things looking lived in. Because I want your photos to be honest, not fake. The main rooms we are likely to use will be the master and kids bedrooms/nursery, a lounge room, and anywhere there is amazing light.

What if the kids are misbehaving?
Umm, hello? When does this not happen?! I’m a mum, I get it. We’ll all work together to keep them entertained; we can keep them moving and doing things THEY enjoy. Keep a couple of favourite toys and books handy so we can pull them out if needed. And if all else fails, misbehaving kids really do make great photos! The little crinkles on their faces when they frown are oh-so-cute!

What if it rains?
If you’ve booked an outdoor session and the forecast is for rain, then we will reschedule. I happily shoot in any weather other than rain.

What if we are sick?
Again, we can reschedule, no problem. And I’m in the same boat as you, if I’m unwell, I don’t want to be bringing that into your home.

Retouching? Do you do it?
No, not really. I’m not going to change how you look by whitening your teeth or make your arms slimmer. I can however remove the booger from your two year old's perfectly cheeky face - if you want me to.

I’d love some other family members to come along also.
No problem! I just ask for an extra $50 per family member outside your immediate family. And keep in mind we’ll still stick to the scheduled time of 90 minutes. It’s too long for the littlies otherwise, so try not to bring too many people along due to time constraints.

How far do you travel?
I am available to travel anywhere from the South Eastern suburbs to Melbourne’s inner suburbs, anywhere outside that, interstate or overseas will be an extra charge, please let me know if you are interested!

Oh, I still have more questions!
I will happily answer any more questions you may have!

Looking for prices? You can click here for collection information. To book, contact me here. Hooray!